Will Transplanted Hair Fall Off?

Everyone is wondering if the implanted hair will fall off after the surgery, it is normal to fall after the planting period about a month and continue until the third month after Hair Transplant operation .

Because hair transplantation depends on the transfer of healthy roots, which are studied before the start of hair transplantation, where the Hair Transplant that it received by the area that was Transplanted and accept the bulbs in the first month, where roots are planted in the channels that were opened for the reception of capillary cells under Skin and place it so during the transfer is the planting of weak bulbs and short hairs transmitted with the bulbs and it is normal to get hair loss in the first period after the process of hair transplant , this is due to the closure of the channel on the root and the retention of hair outside then falling dawn .

For some people, or in some cases, hair loss after the process of Hair Transplant operation in a large extent called the shock fall because it is full down in a large amount in the first month after the process of hair transplantation,
As we mentioned, hair loss begins shortly after the first month, either as a slow or rapid fall as the shock fall and continues within the first three months after hair transplantation. The appearance of the results is delayed by this process for a long time. The bulb is in the incubation period and the hair starts working to become healthy and strong.

The grafts in hair transplantation is taken from the back area of ​​the head for the same person and this region is considered the strongest donor area because it is not affected by the hormone causing baldness, and no matter how baldness of the limit, this area remains conservative hair because it is not affected by the hormone fall, Hair is taken from this place then implanted it in the empty places, the probability of not showing results is one of million, and the hair or bulb that was planted will not fall and will continue to produce and grow healthy day after day.

Is there a possibility that implanted hair will not grow, and the results will not appear?

There are many factors that affect the appearance or no appearance of implanted hair . Real Hair wants to share some factors that affect the appearance of results or not , and how to maintain the hair implanted after the hair transplantation operation.

  • You should definitely use the recommended drugs after hair transplant regularly,
  • Shampoo and lotions has been recommended and should be used after hair transplant regularly,
  • After hair transplantation, it is never possible to Scratching the hair or plant area so as not to damage the planted roots,
  • Hair implants should not be shaved in the first year or six months after hair transplantation operation.
  • Attention should be paid to not bathing with very hot water the first month and hot water is not good for hair in general,
  • In the first six months, attention was paid to not using a hair dryer or any type of hair conditioner such as wax or gel,
  • Hair should be protected in the first 15 days. Hair should be protected from external factors such as fog and dust .

Following these instructions and paying attention to what should be done after hair transplantation will definitely preserve the hair transplant process andits results, while not taking these into account, ie, the lack of attention, it is likely that the hair will not be preserved and Thus not getting the desired results as well.

Is implanted hair permanent?

After the completion of the hair transplant, and follow all the instructions that were given of the attention to implanted hair as it should in the first period by fullest, the hair was planted permanently because it is natural not such as medical wig or artificial wigs where the hair strongly grows days After a day to stay a lifetime .

When hair loss begins, it starts from the front of the hair in the front area and even the middle of the head, many young people want to restore hair in the front line of head because of the importance of the overall appearance, so we determine that the Hair Transplant to restore the hair not to stop Hair losing , were the old hair continues to fall until the age of forty and in such a case there may be voids in the hair after a period and this requires second session of hair transplant again in some cases.

Or it is possible to resort to another solution to preserve the old hair from falling either by plasma therapy prp or by Mesotherapy to strengthen the hair from the roots and revitalization, also vitamins and supplements for strengthening hair, which are supportive courses are described in order to support and protect the hair Of the precipitation also for healthy growth.

Will implanted hair fall off?

It is normal for each of us to have negative thoughts or fear of something. It is also difficult to live with the possibility that the probability of success of the hair transplant operation should not take much space, since it is normal to think about success rate, but not so much It becomes obsessive. For example, the fear of boarding a plane for fear of it or not. This does not make us not ride the plane. Everything is accessible in this life, but this does not prevent us from experimenting.

Hair loss can be reduced by 1 million by treatment and adherence. If you want to see our hair transplant operations you can see our pictures after hair transplantation, or click the WhatsApp icon in the bottom right corner of the our site to ask all questions That notify you about hair transplantation.