The Appearance of Pimples or Grains After Hair Transplantation?

One of the side effects that may occur after hair transplantation is the appearance of grain at the transplanted area and the donor area, first must be sure that this problem is temporary whether the grains appeared at the area of donor or transplanted area, but in any case when they appear inform your doctor in order to take the necessary measures.

What causes the emergence of grains after hair transplantation?

The main cause of the appearance of pimples or grains after the hair transplantation is that transplanted grafts are active to take place at the scalp and at the donor area because it regenerates its growth and this is what pushes the pimples out.

The donor back area of the head.
The transplanted front area.

First ; The appearance of pimples at the donor area after hair transplant !!

The grains appear at the donor area after the first month of the operation. The treatment of these grain is by identifying its main cause. At the first 10 days, the drafts at the donor area begin to grow while remaining under the skin. This can cause the appearance of pimples. May cause a slight inflammation,to accelerate the healing of the donor area is to put a special skin cream prescribed by the doctor.

Second ; The appearance of grains or pimples at the transplanted area after hair transplantation !!

It is also possible to show the pimples at the transplanted area after two weeks of the process, the work of the drafts and activity, the presence of hair and the former growth may also cause some infections and the emergence of grain.

How long does it take for grains to heal and disappear?

The recovery of these grains, which appear after the hair transplant takes more than two weeks as it begins to heal after a week, but hair loss continues until the third month, the appearance of those grains are different from one region to another and from one person to another where it is possible that son do not appear.

What should we do when these grains appear?

When you notice the appearance of these grains, you should directly inform the doctor,then he will prescribe the appropriate treatment, but first be careful not to scratch or rub the place of pimples in a strong way, because it can cause damage and destruction the grafts, the most appropriate solution is to stay on the treatment prescribed by the doctor, to allow to these pimples to heal naturally.

It is important to note that although the food is not a major cause of pimples, fatty foods, which contain many spices, should be avoided as they affect the healing process. External factors may also cause pimples. Strong sunlight, dust and everything is contaminated because it may be the cause of the affected for the transplanted area and the appearance of pimples.

The appearance of pimples or grains after the hair transplant is something that should be taken seriously, but there is no need to afraid, because the cure is certain ..