What are the different hair transplant techniques?

Real Hair Center continues to offer hair care services. With 10 years of experience in the hair field, we are always with you to provide you with hair solutions. We follow all the innovations of hair transplant and we prefer to practice the most beneficial techniques.

There are 3 acceptable hair transplant techniques that can be used in hair transplantation. These are the following techniques;

Fue technique; this technique is already the basis of the hair transplant and the hair follicles are removed with the micro motor method in all hair transplants. There is no alternative to this, and it probably won’t be for many years to come. The Fue method is not a hair transplant but a root removal technique.

Classic Hair Transplant Technique; In this method, the hair follicles obtained with fue are used to open the channels that will adapt to the hair follicle opened with a technique called slit. 80% of hair transplant centers transplant hair with this method.

Sapphire Hair Transplant; The sapphire hair transplant technique is a new technique. Opening the channels where the roots will be placed in the hair transplant is a technique which has a piercing characteristic obtained from sapphire and used to open the channels in the hair transplant. For the features and benefits of sapphire hair transplant, you can browse our associated page.

Dhi Hair Transplant; Dhi hair transplant is more difficult for the hair transplant center which implements the application according to the above techniques, but it is an easier method for people who have a hair transplant. In the dhi hair transplant, the hair follicles are removed with the fue method and placed directly on the skin with the dhi method without opening the canal. For more information on dhi hair transplant, you can visit our associated page.

As a hair transplant center, of course, our priority is to provide a solution to the problems of baldness. While solving this problem, it is our greatest characteristic to never offer exaggerated prices like other hair transplant centers economically. Hair is a special occasion that everyone would like to have in mind. Hair loss, especially at a young age, is really annoying.

This is why, Real Hair Center pays special attention to students. We offer a discounted hair transplant service to our students who have hair problems. We are proud to be a student-friendly hair transplant center.

Hair Transplantation Techniques

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