One of our main services is hair transplant. But we don’t just do hair transplants. In addition, beard transplant, eyebrow transplant, PRP treatment and mesotherapy are also part of our services. Hair transplantation is an application with different techniques. In addition to these techniques, hair transplant can be performed with special methods.

Nowadays, the main reason is preferred by many that we are both at there are several hair transplant center. As in all sectors, we are looking for the best quality / price ratio. Fortunately Turkey is not only a tourist destination but also a medical one. If you choose Turkey it’s already an advantage. and again if you choose Real Hair you will have a complete package of services. Our VIP package has many advantages for people who want to get hair transplant services in Turkey.

You could say that the most experienced hair transplant centers are in Istanbul. For this reason, Istanbul is the reason for the preference of all national provinces and abroad. Another issue to consider, however, is that inexperienced hair transplant centers, which use the benefits of Istanbul, also conduct hair transplant activities in Istanbul.

Our most recent service is hair transplant by sedation and it is a brand new application for people who cannot bear the pain of local anesthesia during hair transplant. With the sedation hair transplant and the sedation beard transplant, we completely eliminated the pain during the hair transplant. You can view the details of our services, and if you have any questions, you can obtain information by contacting us directly.

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