Mega Session – Intensive session of Hair Transplant – What is the intensive session of Hair Transplant ?

One of the biggest problems, when we decided to make the Hair Transplant operation that if one session is sufficient or not to cover the whole head?

Hair Transplant Of Mega Session ; Is the donor area will sufficient ( posterior region of the head between the ears ), there is a new solution The doctor will take decision after the diagnosis of the situation, and preview the beard and chest hair in order to have a safety and healthy follicles, to cover the empty place of the head to cover in one session, and no need to come back after six months also not overwork the donor area.

In this way and with maintaining the safety of healthy follicles from the donor area , chest or beard and transplanted in one session it’s called intensive hair transplant.

The most common question between those who are thinking of Hair Transplant, is it possible to cover the baldness in one session?

Real Hair Center for Hair Transplant in Turkey-İstanbul, our main destination is to give you the happiness and work at your convenience, for that we adopted the intensive session for hair transplant, which is made according to the doctor’s diagnosis, and no matter how much baldness it will cover in one session by taking from the beard, chest, or back, and it’s considered one of the important technologies of Hair Transplant.

Usually the donor area is at the rear area of the head between the ears, if this area is weak or light, and it was a big void in the head so can’t covered in one session, then we make the intensive session for Hair Transplant ( Mega Session ) to avoid the customer to come again, just all you have to do is to send the pictures for diagnosis, and be sure that we choose the right choice for you.

Before they came to our hospital many cases that need two sessions, they have given us the confidence to choose what suits for them, and we were trustworthy, we made for them a successful operation and satisfying results.

When taking the decision to make the Hair Transplant, the most concern you if the operation will succeed or not? Are the results will be satisfactory?
We are Real Hair Center our experience in Fue Technology expert eight years, we give you satisfied for the results and after six months until a year the result will appearance.

If the donor area is weak ( Rear area – beard ) also the body hair is weak ( chest – back ) so what can be done in this case?

The solution at this case is to divide the operation into two sessions and sometimes three to intensify and cover completely the void area , the period between sessions six months, to give the donor area the time to recover and can pick up again from it.

One of the most important things that must to attention, the operation must be done at an equipped hospital, cause your life is more important than your hair.

Now you have got the desired and thick hair where problem has been resolved.