Medical hair (wig, prosthesis) or hair transplantation, which is better?

Most people of those who suffer from hair loss have no solution other than medical hair or hair transplantation. Real Hair Center as a hair transplant center, will provide you with all the important information that’s necessary in this regard. We would like to compare between Prothesis hair and hair transplantation, The prices , pros and cons by objectively way , so you can contact with us to take more information.

Unfortunately the problem of hair loss happens for both men and women and still exists until Today. Nowadays it’s very difficult to get a radical solution to hair loss , no matter what research has been done, whatever alternative drugs and treatments are used , when the hair starts to fall it will fall quickly and in a very short period of time .

We also have to say that there are many people suffering from hair loss, but they never get upset. If you suffer from hair loss, and if baldness does not bother you and does not affect you psychologically don’t apply the Prothesis hair and don’t make hair transplant But if this affects you psychologically there are alternative solutions such as Prothesis hair or hair transplantation.

The process of Hair Prosthesis Application

Now, we want to explain to you the neutral and complete details between Prothesis hair and hair transplantation. Then you decide according to the problem you suffer from .
Prothesis hair is not painful and is never considered as an operation,

Hair transplantation is done with topical anesthesia that may be a little painful as we can consider it an operation,

Prothesis hair can be as long as desired but does not grow anymore,

After hair transplantation, the hair is short but continues in length and can be combed as you wish later , Prothesis hair is exposed to damage if it is not taken care of and sterilized between each period and another where the duration does not exceed between 15 to 20 days.

By the end of the first year implanted hair does not need any caring and year after year becomes stronger,

the Prices of Prothesis hair vary depending on the hair used in the manufacture and the duration of use does not exceed two years,

Hair transplant prices also vary according to hair transplant centers, but they are same in all ages ,

Prothesis hair can be as density as desired , and it is very rare to be obviously Prothesis hair, In hair transplantation, hair density depends on the number of follicles to be extracted from the donor area, but it is very rare to be clear that it is a hair transplant,

Prothesis hair is the perfect solution for people who never have hair,

Hair transplantation can be done for those who have a donor area and after we ensure that we can pick follicles from this area,

and because it is necessary to change the Prothesis hair every some years, it will be necessary to pay every time and get used to it again,

Hair transplantation process is done only once and you do not need to spend money again, It is possible to do hair transplantation after the installation of Prothesis hair, the medical wig hair can be fitted after hair transplantation,

Artificial hair can be fitted to men, women and even children,

Hair transplantation can be done for men and women as well as for children,

Prothesis hair has no damage and no side effects,

Hair transplantation as a surgery can have a slight and even damage,

Based on what was mentioned above,

From a physical point of view, Prothesis hair is an application that must be paid permanently, and hair transplantation is one of the processes that can be done by paying once. You can find a solution to your hair problems by comparing the differences we mentioned in our article.

As a hair transplant center, Real Hair Center is one of its top priorities to always be at your service.