Hair Transplantation For Women in Turkey

Hair Transplantation For Women in Turkey

Hair transplantation for women in Turkey, Hair is very important for women as men and it’s crown for women, hair losing affects women as well as men, hair transplantation for women in Turkey has become an available solution to all and is the best way to treat hair loss. Now many women resort to hair transplant as a practical solution to get rid of hair loss and restore their beautiful appearance, Real Hair Hair transplant as experts in Turkey offers suitable prices for all and allow all women to do this process to restore their hair.
Hair transplantation can be done very easily and without pain under the current conditions, results are satisfactory. It is very important to know what women are expecting after hair transplantation. In addition, hair transplantation is a form of treatment that can be performed with numerical values. On average, about 150,000 healthy roots of hair are promoted in women as such, the level of hair transplant expectations needs to be analyzed well, you should decide the process of hair transplant compared with healthy hair.

Caring of transplanted hair after hair transplantation is very important, is a step to be taken, all instructions must apply carefully and accurately, and taking all the supportive treatments recommended by the hospital, beside using of shampoo that provided by the hospital because it is dedicated for transplanted hair and has free chemicals, also vitamins because each root of hair roots needs to strengthen and support.

Our services for hair transplantation are strictly confidential, we have an experienced medical team that specialists in hair transplantation for women, where you can confirm the privacy, and that the pictures will not be shared with any party.

What are hair transplant techniques for women?

  • Normal and natural hair transplantation
  • Hair transplantation for women without shave
  • DHI technique for hair transplantation
  • Hair intensify
  • Guarantee Hair transplantation

What are the conditions that require hair transplantation for women?

  • Women who have a large front (in women called a forehead or a front in men called the front line).
  • Women who have a place where hair does not grow due to burning or accident cause of the wound and scar in the head and loss the hair.
  • Women who have lost their hair due frequent use of hairdressers.
  • Women who have an area where hair does not grow due to burns
  • Women who are born with weak and sparse hair.
  • Women who lost their hair due to high male hormone.
  • Women who lost their hair due to pregnancy
  • Women who have an empty area of ​​hair in the head area (coronary region of the head)

What are the instructions to follow after hair transplantation?

  1. After the hair transplantation, women should continue Prp plasma sessions for one year.
  2. Women should have two sessions of treatment with mesotherapy at least twice after hair transplantation.
  3. After hair transplantation, women should start taking vitamins C and supplements that are very good for hair.
  4. For women, care should be taken in the absence of shaving until the hair does not prevent the existing good care of transplanted hair or does not harm the transplanted hair after hair transplantation.
  5. The head cover or scarf prevents air reaching to the hair, which prevents breathing on the scalp and therefore should not be worn especially at the first 10 days after hair transplantation.
  6. Instructions should accurately followed after hair transplantation.
  7. Price of hair transplantation for women.

The price of hair transplantation for women varies depending on the technology of hair transplantation, and according to the area, prices for hair transplantation for women in Turkey are reasonable and suitable for all, Real Hair works to provide reasonable prices and also to provide care after hair transplantation, we offer hair transplant prices for women at the discount 20% because we know that women give great attention to their hair, and that our women are flowers of the world.

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