Hair and Beard Transplant Under Sedation

Hair transplant is the main concern of research on hair transplant. Although we have had local anesthesia, hair transplant and beard transplant have often been described as a painful procedure because not everyone has the same pain relief.

Hair transplants where pain is the first and most stressed problem, have tried to do painless hair transplants with dozens of methods. Even needle-free local anesthesia devices were produced and we performed local anesthesia with a needle-free local anesthesia method before the hair transplant. We still have needle-free local anesthesia devices and we continue to apply needle-free local anesthesia to those who want it.

The difference between local anesthesia devices without needles and local anesthesia with needles is 50%, and thanks to local anesthesia devices without needles, we offer the advantage of a painless hair transplant at 50% . However, there are still those who don’t want pain, even if it’s 50% less. Therefore, a new era has begun. Sedated hair transplant and sedated beard transplant are also recommended by us.

Because, as is comfortable, the operations of patients who have had a hair transplant are both easier in addition to that a decrease in the incidence of complications has been determined.

What is Sedation?

It is an application made with the combination of special anesthesia drugs to get rid of discomfort and pain. Thanks to this application, ayat individuals undergoes a transplant under sedation never experience pain. Even the time of topical sedation is not memorized. A period of 10 minutes which is not memorized and felt is more than sufficient for the hair transplant to be 100% comfortable.

Thanks to sedation applied only for 10 minutes, it is possible to have a 100% comfortable hair transplant. The application of sedation should not be confused with narcosis. Because narcosis is an advanced dimensional form of sedation. While narcosis is applied in longer and larger surgeries, sedation is preferred for simple and short-term applications.

The sedation application is not a new application, it is frequently used in cosmetic operations and is the best analgesic method for small surgical procedures. We started to be used in hair and beard transplant since the last quarter of 2019. As a real hair center, we followed this practice closely and determined that there were no problems and 100% satisfaction. , and we started sedating the hair transplant.

What Are The Benefits Of Sedation Hair Transplant?

When you count the benefits of sedating hair and beard transplant, you will definitely prefer sedation hair transplant over hair transplant. Sedative hair transplant can be applied with all hair transplant techniques.

  • There is no pain,
  • Since there is no pain, the process is much easier,
  • Since there is no pain, the hair transplant period is shortened,
  • Since there is no pain, individuals do not contract and more successful hair transplants are performed,
  • The rate of complications decreases after the hair transplant,
  • Less medication is applied to the head and the hair follicle is preserved,
  • Since there are fewer medications administered to the head, swelling and bruising are not seen after the hair transplant.
  • Recovery after a hair transplant is very fast.
  • There is no swelling on the face