Guaranteed Hair Transplantation

Insurance guarantee for hair transplant, Hair transplant is not the only solution to get rid of baldness, hair transplant many techniques ( FUE technology – FUT technology).

What is the difference between the FUE technology and FUT technology.

FUT technology, it’s an old method depend on taking a full cross section from the back of the head, and pick up the follicles one by one, then transplanted at the balding places, but this method leaves traces and scares at the donor area , and causes inflammation, and the result is the operation fails.
Real Hair Center

Not recommended with FUT technology when you want to make the operation, cause the negative effects, and we at our center don’t rely this technique.
FUE technology
It’s the latest international method and the most commonly used, this method is characterized by not leaving traces at the donor area ( the back of the head – beard – chest – back ), began work with this method from 2000.
Fue technology is a modern method depends on pick out the drafts from the donor area, and to explain more about this method:
Fue technology is based on modern technology by device three micro head works of pick out the follicles from the donor area ( back of the head – beard – chest – back ) one by one, then put in a solution to save it until begin the operation and transplanted the follicles.
Real Hair Center works with Fue technology, so we propose and recommend also.

What is the Micro device? Does it have side effects?

A micro pong device is a modern device works with Mator pulls out the follicles from the head without causing any damage to it , it’s very important especially at the beard.

This device has three-head, its size 0.8-0.7,5, the device has other qualities, The high professionalism in using this device is due to the doctor who’s does the operation.

At Real Hair Center our experts and teams have a highly experience at the Fue technology, so we don’t disappoint your hopes for the results of hair transplant.

Real Hair Center gives its clients an ensure that the transplanted hair will not fall if the clients committed to the instructions that given to him by the medical team and the specialist doctor, and in the case of not getting the desired result, we bear the responsibility.

Permanent Real Hair advice to you, is to make sure that the hair transplant operation will be at an equipped hospital with a sterile environment, cause at the end your health is more important than your hair.